Five Tips To Nail Your Wedding Proposal Pictures

Are you ready to pop the question that will change your life? Then, seal the lifetime wedding deal with beautiful pictures. Wedding proposal photographs are a new trend among couples. Capturing the golden and memorable moment when you say “yes” can give you a lifetime of sweet memories.


This is certainly your special, intimate moment. Are you sceptical about inviting a third person in the middle? Get in touch with professional photographers in Chatswood who specialise in capturing candid wedding proposal photos.


Do you want to make the moment special and unforgettable? Here are a few expert tips from professional photographers. Follow them and get beautiful wedding proposal clicks to cherish forever.

How do you get a perfect wedding proposal picture?

Select a romantic location

When you propose the love of your life, the location should be perfect. Keep the choice of your partner in mind as well. If they are an extrovert and outgoing person, a lake or a bridge can be an ideal point. However, if the person is introvert and wants to keep it private, select a romantic restaurant. Make sure that the location is picturesque. Only then can you get good pictures of your wedding proposal.

Be alert about the time of the day

Proposing in the middle of a rushing street or busy restaurant hours is not an ideal decision. Especially if you’re planning to click pictures, choose a quieter time. Early mornings or late afternoons with the sunset in the background make the perfect time of the day for wedding proposal pictures.

Plan the scenario

This is unquestionably going to be the most memorable day of your life. So, plan it. Of course, a surprise wedding proposal can bring unlimited happiness to your partner’s face. However, if you plan on framing it, it’s better to plan it. You can arrange a romantic walk down the alleys or a boat ride – this will help the photographer create a story from your proposal.

Live in the moment

Once you’ve done proposing and she has said the golden three-lettered words, do not jump to the photographer for pictures; hold on to the moment. There willThere’s be an overflow of emotions, happiness, fear, or a new relationship followed by hugs and kisses. Stay and live in the moment, The photographer knows the duty. They will capture the candid moments and make them lively.

Discuss the scene with the photographer

To make this event successful, make sure that you discuss the whole scenario with the photographer. They can guide you on the different outlines, postures and lighting that can make your photos beautiful. Having proper communication is important.


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