Some Of The Common Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Are you searching for, or have already located, the ideal photographer for your wedding photography in Chatswood, NSW. You adore their style, have seen their work,


Here are some questions to ask your photographer before booking to ensure everything goes according to the plan. Most of the things should be discussed before selecting the photographer.

A list of questions for Your Wedding Photographer

The first and foremost question is, are you free on our date? If the response is positive, ensure the following queries are also addressed. When the photographer becomes available for booking, address the questions.

Can I see a few finished albums?


Examining finished albums will enable you to witness a narrative rather than just a few stunning images. Imagine seeing pictures from the entire day, including getting ready, going down the aisle, and capturing your family’s reactions and feelings. Take pictures of your friends, family, and bridesmaids so you can remember everything.

What do you love about weddings and your job?


It may sound strange to ask, but this is about making sure they are a good fit for you. Do they share your excitement? Do they enjoy and are passionate about what they do?

It will help you determine if you get along with them, whether they view their work as a passion rather than just a job, and whether they like it.

Can Particular images be taken?


Tell your photographer in advance if you would like any family portraits taken. Ensure they have a list and know when you want them removed. If you want a group photo of the entire family, or just the two of you, or a shot with your parents, let your photographer know and arrange for someone to help gather everyone up when the photos are finished.

How will I get my photos?

When hiring wedding photography in Chatswood, NSW, you must be sure of how your photographer will deliver yourphotos. Generally, the Ocampo Weddings will provide the photos in digital galleries, album, canvases, and wall art. 

Talk with your photographer to find out the alternatives and costs available if you want to have them. A beautifully designed wedding album is the ideal way to view your images.

In the end, though, you can opt for Ocampo Weddings while you are planning to hire a wedding photographer or team. We provide the best-customised service to customers on their special day. Please visit our website to check out our other photography services.

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