Four Important Things You Must Convey To Your Wedding Photographer

On a special day, the photographer will be following you and your partner all the time; the team will be there for each moment, capturing everything; they will click on you while you are getting ready will see you when walking down the aisle and capture all the emotions on your face and tears too.

From the beginning till the end, the wedding photographer will be there.

The professionals who are into wedding photography in Chatswood always suggest discussing the requirements with them so that they can make your special day memorable and great.

There must be a clear connection between the photographer and the wedding couple.

What should you tellthe wedding photographer?

Your wedding photographer might ask you for some of the vital points. Here are some things you might need to tell the photographer as the information might be useful for them.

Let Them Be Aware Of The Order Of The Day


The wedding has a particular order, and the professional taking the pictures should be aware of the same. What time and where will you be getting ready? What about the grooms men, and how do they take their photos too?

The entire order of the day and location of the wedding will help the photographer to plan for the whole day. It ensures they have come to the right location at the right time. The photographer needs to be a step ahead all the time.

Parking Facilities


You should inform the photographer about the parking facilities. If there is limited parking or any parking restriction, you must inform the wedding photographer. Providing them with a space is good so they do not have to worry about where to keep their vehicle.

Wedding Chair Signs


Adorn the bride and groom’s chairs with signs to distinguish them from the rest. These signs help the head table stand out and serve as wonderful photo props.

Taking Family Shots


If you want to include your family pictures in the album or have some group photos, you need to convey the same to the photographer. The more people and photos you need, the longer it will take.

Taking Some Specific Photos


If you want to take specific photos at the location, you need to describe the same with the photographer. Let the professional know so that they can plan what pictures they need to take within the given time and how they will click.



If you are planning wedding photography in Chatswood, you must discuss some vital points of a wedding and what you want from the expert. Ocambo Weddings is the best name when thinking about perfect wedding pictures. For your wedding, engagement and proposal day, contact us anytime.

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